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Held in Budapest, Hungary
June 18-21, 1996

The International Conference on Electrostatic Precipitation (ICESP) is the official conference of the International Society for Electrostatic Precipitation (ISESP).  

The following is a list of the Abstracts for the Power Supply Series papers from the VI ICESP Conference.  

587 Application of Pulse Power for Gas Cleaning Direct-Coupled Pulse Energization in ESP and Pulse Corona Induced Plasma Chemical Process
Shunsuke Hosokawa &Senichi Masuda
Masuda Research Inc.

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596 Design of a Low Cost Pulsed Power Supply for Electrostatic Precipitators Using Magnetic Switching Technique
L. Heinemann
ABB Corporate Research Center
DECRCNI, Power Electronics
Kjell Porle, Per Ranstad
ABB FHikt Industri AB

Although the benefits of pulsed energization of Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) for high resistivity applications are well known, limits on the electrical side do not allow a design of low cost devices with short pulse widths and a long life time.

The pulse width of commercial pulsed power sets and the repetition rate are limited by the turn-off time of the used power thyristors.  The thyristors are loaded with a pulse current of very high derivative and an amplitude many times higher than the average value.

In order to overcome these problems a novel pulsed power supply was developed and designed.  It includes a magnetic switch in addition to modern high voltage solid-state

switching technology.  The new power supply allows rise times of 2-3 s and total pulse widths below 10 s, a repetition rate of more than 400 Hz and a pulse amplitude of more than 100 kV superimposed on a DC voltage.  the design is based on an energy saving concept recovering the energy not being utilized in the ESP.  First operating tests with a capacitive load are presented and discussed.

Low first costs, a small number of high voltage components and short pulse widths with the potential to further enhancement of the ESP performance at high resistivity dust favor the new concept.

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602 Pulsed Energization Application to Cleaning of Flue Gases
D.Martin*, A.Radu*, G.Simionescu**, R.Macarie***, M.Bota***,
N.Gheorghe***,I.Indreias* and A.Margaritescu*
* Institute ofAtomic Physics, IFTAR-Accelerator Laboratory, PO Box: MG-6,
Magure1e, Bucharest, R-76900, Romania
** Engineering Center for Nuclear Objectives, Bucharest, Romania
*** ICPET, Environment Protection Division, Bucharest, Romania

No Abstract Available

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608 The New Scope for EPPS Under the High Voltage Vacuum Switching Tubes EBV Usage
Matveev N.v.a, Alexandrova L.p.a, Kravtsov S.F.a, Perevodchikov V.I.b
a High Voltage Research Center ofthe All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute (VNIT'sVEl),
bAll-Russian Electrotechnical Institute (VEl), 12 Krasnokazannennaya str., Moscow

The characteristics of the high voltage switching tubes-electron beam valve (EBV) are described.  The high hold-off voltage (up to 200kV), specific VA-characteristics form and small switching on-off time allow using this EBV in power supplies for electrostatic precipitators with great efficiency.  Due to the EBV one can construct special type, for example, alternative polarity power supplies and essentially improve the characteristics of conventional unipolar power supplies.  The pulse power supply design concept is considered also.

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