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Held in Kyongju, Korea
September 20-25. 1998

The International Conference on Electrostatic Precipitation (ICESP) is the official conference of the International Society for Electrostatic Precipitation (ISESP).  

The following is a list of the Abstracts for the EC-3 Series papers from the VII ICESP Conference.  

EC11  On-line Precipitator Control with an Expert System Wang Weixue
Vitor Reyes and Anders Nielsen
Particulate Technology Centre

One of the trends in the use of an Expert system for ESPís, is to assess their operation and to advise the plant personnel in the correction of settings for particular operating conditions.  A more integrated solution is to use an Expert system in assessing the operating conditions and automatically correcting the settings of relevant parameters whenever required, i.e. a fully automated on-line control.

This paper describes an expert system providing on-line control of ESPís for coal fired boilers.  Two systems have recently been put into operation in the unit 2 and 4 of the Danish power plant of Asnaes.  These Expert  systems were installed in connection withy the upgrading of the two old ESPís consisting of new ESPís in series with the old ones, and they have passed the acceptance test, based on the demonstration that the system is able to optimize the settings leading to the lowest dust emission.

The system has a lot of other capabilities, like trend analysis of all signals and parameters, alarm handling, plant reports, etc., and is able to control up to 8 ESPís dependent on the number of field control units.

The Expert system can be integrated in the software of an existing ECS plant computer system or as a stand-alone computer.  This paper describes the architecture and the operation of the system.  This is complemented with practical results illustrating the optimization of the ESP performance.

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EC12  Study on Training Simulator for Electrostatic Precipitator and its Running Mathematical Models
Xianglin Gao and Manyia Hu and Hezhong Tian
Yongjun Lin and Zhiguang Hu and Yingqi Lei
Department of Environmental Engineering
North China Electric Power University

In this paper, the constitution of a principle training simulator for Electrostatic precipitator (ESP) was first introduced, then were the simulating mathematical models that had been constructed according to the characteristics of training simulator and the requirement of simulating train, which included that of high voltage energization system, low voltage control system, collection efficiency, faults setting and so on.  It proved that the training simulator and its running mathematical models were reasonable and reliable.

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EC 13  The Introduction and Development of an Automatic Pulse Repetition Frequency, Self Adjustment System for Precipitators Operating with the Presence of  Back IonizationJohn Leach, Chief Development Engineer
caslet Electronics
Solvera Particulate Controls

Back Ionization (BI), or Back Corona as is it often referred to within the industry of Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) users, has long been one of the most interesting and most difficult problems for any control system to completely overcome.

Earlier systems used a technique that involved the requirement for an experienced operator.  The operator, along with an oscilloscope would spend a great deal of time assessing the operating conditions within the ESP.  Careful analysis of voltage and current waveforms would allow decisions to be made as to how the control system should react under certain known conditions of Back Ionization.  This was extremely successful but unfortunately very labor intensive.

Not withstanding this, changes in the fuel quality rendered a great deal of the analysis ineffective.  As fuels and plant conditions changed, so the energization requirements changed.

A need for a reliable automated system to replace the human intelligence for the optimization system prevailed.

This paper discusses the requirements, techniques and application of such a system.

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