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Held in Hangzhou, China
October 20-25, 2008

The International Conference on Electrostatic Precipitation
(ICESP) is the official conference of the International Society for Electrostatic Precipitation (ISESP).  

The following is a list of papers from the XI ICESP Conference under their respective topic.  Click on the papers title to view the complete paper in PDF format.   

Electrical Operation and Power Sources

Precipitator Performance Improvements and Energy Savings Based on IGBT Inverter Technology

Performance Enhancements Achieved with High Frequency Switch Mode Power Supplies

High Frequency Power Supply Operation on Hot-Side ESP

Industrial Applications of Three-phase T/R for Upgrading ESP Performance

Industrial Applications of a New AVC for Upgrading ESP to Save Energy and Improve Efficiency

Highly efficient switch-mode 100 KV, 100 KW power supply for ESP applications

The Crystal Ball Gazing with Electrostatic Precipitators: V-I Curves Analysis.

New Automatic Voltage Control Designs for Enhanced ESP Systems Integration, Improved Reliability, Safety and Troubleshooting Capabilities

Another Concept of Three Phase High Frequency High Voltage Supply

Development and Application Features of High Power High Frequency Power Supply for ESP

The Application Strategy of Three-phase HV Power Supply for Special Working Condition

Applying the Technology of Compounded Type Power Control Rapping to Reduce the Outlet Emission Concentration

Study on Efficiency Enhancing and Energy Saving of High Voltage Power Supply of EP

Serial/Parallel Resonant Converter (SPRC) in ESP Power

The Development And Application of an Energy Saving System Based on the Optimal Control and Multi-parameter Feedback

Query on the Sustainable Development of Traditional Dust Precipitation Using Optimal Electric Spark Rate

Comparative Study of Distribution of Collecting Plate Current Density on Electrostatic Precipitations with High Direct Current and Pulse Power Supply

Development of Energy Saving and Efficiency Enhancing Electrostatic Precipitator Power Supply Control Equipment

Research on High Frequency Switched HV Power Supplies for ESP

Design of Switch Mode Power Supply for ESP

Research and Application of Automatic Control Technology of Back Corona

The Research on Three-phase Medium-frequency DC High-voltage Power  

Investigation of Current Density Distribution Model for Barb-plate ESP

SLC500 Programmerable Logic Controller Hot Standby Two-node Cluster

Evaluation of HV Power Source for ESP

V-I characteristic Principle of Electrostatic Precipitator

Enhanced Fine Particle Collection by the Application of SMPS Energization

Two ESP Power Supply Patent Technologies

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