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Held in Hangzhou, China
October 20-25, 2008

The International Conference on Electrostatic Precipitation
(ICESP) is the official conference of the International Society for Electrostatic Precipitation (ISESP).  

The following is a list of papers from the XI ICESP Conference under their respective topic.  Click on the papers title to view the complete paper in PDF format.   

Flue Gas Conditioning and Back Corona

Particulate and Mercury Emissions Control by Non-traditional Conditioners

Flue Gas Conditioning

Modeling of Back Corona in Pulse Energized “Multizone” Precipitators

Some Investigations on Fly Ash Resistivity Generated in Indian Power Plants

Enhancing ESP Efficiency for High Resistive Fly Ash by Reducing Flue Gas Temperature

The Technical and Economical Analysis on the Application of FGC in Large Scale Coal-fired Units

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