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Held in Hangzhou, China
October 20-25, 2008

The International Conference on Electrostatic Precipitation
(ICESP) is the official conference of the International Society for Electrostatic Precipitation (ISESP).  

The following is a list of papers from the XI ICESP Conference under their respective topic.  Click on the papers title to view the complete paper in PDF format.   

Applied Electrostatics

Application Study of Electrostatic Precipitation with Earthed Atomizing Discharges

Integrated Clarification Technology for De-dusting, Desulfurization and Odor Elimination

Introduction of High Precision Charging Technique Applied in Pulsed Magnetron Modulator for Industrial Computerized Tomography System

Discrepant ESD-CDM Test System and Failure Yield Prediction between ESD Association and JEDEC Standards

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