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Held in Nuernberg, Germany
May 9-13, 2011

The International Conference on Electrostatic Precipitation
(ICESP) is the official conference of the International Society for Electrostatic Precipitation (ISESP).  

The following is a list of papers from the XII ICESP Conference under their respective topic.  Click on the Section title to view list of papers.   

Session 3: Numerical Modeling & Simulation


3D Numerical Simulation of Fine Particle Collection Efficiency in Cylindrical Wire-Plate and Spiked-Plate ESPs


Some Aspects of "Long Term" Modeling of Electrostatic Precipitators


Electrostatic Precipitator Operation at Corona Quenching Conditions – Theory, Simulation and Experiments


Finite Element Analysis of Electric Field and Particle Transport Phenomena in a Electrostatic Precipitator


Session 4: High Voltage Power Supplies


High-Voltage Power Sources for Upgrading ESP Performance


More than 20 Years of Practical Experience with Switched Mode Power Supplies in Modernization Projects


Intermittent Energization with High Voltage Switchmode Power Supplies 4th generation of Coromax pulse generators for ESP’s


4th generation of Coromax pulse generators for ESP’s


Aspects on high frequency power supplies for ESPs


Session 5: Fundamentals


The electrostatic precipitator external parameters at the heart of dust collection efficiency performance: coal characteristics, combustion and SCR chemical process


Model Calculation of Negative Wire - Cylinder Corona Discharge Properties in Humid Synthesis Gas


Development Of Empirical Relations For Fly Ash Resistivity Based On Experimental Measurement For Indian Thermal Power Plants


Influence of gas composition on corona discharge characteristics in the High temperature high-pressure electrostatic precipitator


Session 6: Precipitator Design


Influence of gas distribution, field velocity and power supply technique for small scale industrial ESP's


Dust Removal Method of DC Supply Ultra-Wide Electrode Distance


Recent Technology of Moving Electrode Electrostatic Precipitator


Session 7: Industrial Applications


Dedusting system for ArcelorMittal Monlevade sintering plant's primary mixer - João Monlevade Plant – A pioneer Application


The Research on ESP Adaptability For Chinese Coal Under 30mg/m3 Dust Emission


The Gas Suspension Absorber At Norcem’s Brevik Plant


Experiences of Systems to Reduce SO3 from Flue Gas of Combusting High Sulfur Content Residual Materials in Oil Refinery


Session 9: High Voltage Power Supplies


Research on the High Voltage and High Power switching mode power supply for Electrostatic Precipitators


Study of DBD electrostatic precipitator under pulse and square energizations


Mobile HV Test System with IGBT Inverter Technology for Electrostatic Precipitators


An ESP using bipolar-discharge with DC high voltage for road tunnels


Session 10: Biomass


Multi Stage ESPs for Increasing Safety and Improving Efficiency of “Bio Ash” Precipitation


Biomass co-firing. New challenges in electrostatic precipitators


Development and study of an electrostatic precipitator for small scale wood combustion


Charging and removal efficiency of an ESP in a 250 kW biomass boiler


Session 11: Pulsed Power


Laser diagnostics of pulsed corona discharge


NOx Removal Using Dielectric Barrier Discharges in a Wire-cylinder Reactor Stressed by High Pulse Voltage


Deodorization System Development by using Positive Pulsed Corona Discharge


Pulse-mode operation of high-frequency power supplies for ESPs


Session 12: Back Corona


ESP Controls For Various Fuel Boilers Based On The Odeus Method


Back Corona and Resistivity Measurements: New Findings


Session 13: New Applications


Ion Blast™ Precipitator


Performance of High Velocity Electrostatic Precipitator for Road Tunnel


Operation of an electrostatic precipitator at a 30 MWth oxyfuel plant.


Challenges for old ESP Upgrades at Utility with high Resistive Coal/Ash


Session 14: Numerical Modeling & Simulation


Enhanced Electrical Model for Electrostatic Precipitators


Power Electronic Modeling and Emulation of an Electrostatic Precipitator


Some Investigations on the Simulation of Electrostatic Agglomeration


Modern High-Voltage Control of an Electrostatic Precipitator


Session 15: Wet ESPs


A Conductive Composite Material for Wet ESP Applications


CFD modeling of the electrical phenomena and the particle precipitation process of wet ESP in coaxial wire-tube configuration


Fine particle removal of two-stage ESP using water film collection plates and nonmetallic charger


Wet precips for CCS, Increasing business opportunities for large scale wet precips


Session 16: Monitoring


New emission sampling system for particle number concentration up to 109/ccm


Direct measurement of ESP charging efficiency with Electrical Low Pressure Impactor +


Session 17: Diesel Exhaust Gas Cleaning


Novel EHD-Assisted ESP for Collection of Low Resistive Diesel Particulates


Diesel PM collection for marine emissions using double cylinder type electrostatic precipitator


Diesel exhaust particle reduction using electrostatic precipitator


Electrostatic precipitation of diesel soot


Session 18: Biomass & Nonthermal Plasmas


Comparison of different power supply techniques for biomass ESP applications


Development of Extreme low-Emission Multi-fuel Boiler System with Plasma-Chemical Hybrid Exhaust After-treatment


Non-Thermal Plasma Decomposition of Dilute Trichloroethylene in Air – Catalyst Effect


Session 19: Fabric Filters


Fabric Filter Optimization using Computational Fluid Dynamics


High Performance Filtration – In Situ Testing of Filter Media in Coal Fired Boiler Bag Houses


Surface potential decay measurements of corona-charged non-woven fabrics for air filtration


Application of Electrostatic-fabric Integrated Collector for 660MW Power unit of Coalfired Boilers


Session 20: Mercury Separation


Control of Mercury Emissions from Coalfired Power Plants and the Potential for Increased Black Carbon Emissions


Control of Mercury Emissions from Coalfired Power Plants and the Potential for Increased Black Carbon Emissions


Session 21: Numerical Modeling & Simulation


Comparison of numerical and experimental results for an electrostatic precipitator


Experimental validation of numerical models of collecting Electrodes


Dynamic analysis of the collecting plates of electrostatic precipitators

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