Opening Session

Welcome, John S. Lagarias

Keynote Address, Sabert Oglesby, Jr.

Session 1. Electrostatic Precipitation Today

Reviewof the State of the Technology, Harry J. White

Survey of Applications and Performance Requirements, Alan B. Walker

Precipitator Design, Grady B. Nichols

Electrostatic Augmentation, Wallace B. Smith

Session 2. Electrostatic Precipitation Today .

Additives for Enhancing Precipitator Performance, Ralph Altman

Scale Model Gas Flow Studies, N.J. Schilling

Two-Stage Electrostatic Precipitation, George Rinard" Michael D. Durham, and Donald E. Rugg

Panel Session on Performance of Modern Precipitators: Senichi Masuda, Sigvard Matts, Kenneth Watson, Robert Carr, Harold Schonhans

Session 3. Basic Technology

Precipitation from Turbulent Flows, G.L.Leonard, M. Mitchner and S.A. Self

Mathematical Simulation, Jack R. McDonald

Review of Particle Charge Research, Akira Mizuno

Resistivity and Back Corona: Paper 1, Kenneth J. McLean

Resistivity and Back Corona: Paper 2: Senichi Masuda

Resistivity and Back Corona: Paper 3, Roy Bickelhaupt

Session 4. Basic Technology

Electromechanics and Reentrainment of Precipitated Ash, M.Mitcher, G.B. Moslehi, S. Seti and R. Leach

Boxer Charger, Senichi Masuda

Precharging Research in the U..S.A., John Gooch

Particle Charge Measurements, Marlin Anderson

Investigation of Key Parameters Affecting Pulsed Precipitator Performance, Walter Piulle and J.L. DuBard

Theory and Application of Pulse Energization, Preben Lausen, Helge Hoegh Peterson, and Hans J. Joergensen

Pulse Energization, Leslie Sparks

Session 5. Engineering Methods and Practices

Pilot Scale Units for Precipitator Sizing: Paper l, Edmund C. Potter

Pilot Scale Units for Precipitator Sizing: Paper 2, Kenneth Darby

Pilot Scale Units for Precipitator Sizing: Paper 3, Sigvard Matts

Reviewand Some Practical Aspects of Wide Duct Spacing, Dieter Heinrich

Performance Characteristics of Electrical Precipitators With Wide Spacing, Shigeyuki Noso

High-Voltage Power Supplies and Microprocessor Controls for Electrostatic Precipitators, Herbert Hall

Process and Energy Optimization of Precipitator Plants Using Microcomputers, Helmut Schummer

Session 6. Panel Session on the Status and Future of Precipitators

Moderator: John S. Lagarias; Panelists: Sidney Orem, Owen J. Tassicker, Senichi Masuda, Noel J. Felici, Leon H. Fisher, Edmund C. Potter