Opening Session

Welcome, Senich Masuda

Keynote Address: The Challenge of the '80s, John S. Lagarias

Transition Review, Harry J. White

Session 1: Electrostatic Precipitation World Wide

Panel Session: Electrostatic Precipitation Worldwide, E. Potter (Australia), T. Ohtsuka (J apan), K. Darby (U.K.), S. Masuda (Japan), P. Mehendru (India), S. Oglesby (U.S.A.), P. Vereshchagin (U.S.S.R.) and Xi. Yan (China)

Electrostatic Precipitation in India - Its Present Status & Future Trends, P.C. Mehendru, S. Chand and T.K. Chaudhuri (India)

Some Results of ESP Research in the USSR, I.P. Vereshchagin and G.Z. Mirzabekyan

The Development of Electrostatic Precipitation Technology in China, Yan Xingzhong and Un Youwen

Session 2: Electrostatic Precipitation in Particulate Control Strategies

Electrostatic Precipitation Application in Integrated Environmental Control Systems, R. Shirato

Effects of Furnace Injection of Sorbent for S02 Control on Electrostatic Precipitator Technology and Requirements, J.H. Abbott, J.P. Gooch and J.O. Kilgroe

Electrostatic Precipitation of Both Fluidized-Bed and Pulverized-Coal Flyash from the Same Coal, C.A.J. Paulson and J.S. Vale

Electrostatic Precipitation under Extreme Conditions of Temperature and Pressure, E. Weber

High Pressure, High Temperature Electrostatic Precipitation Technology in the U.S.A., G. Rinard, O. Rugg, M. Ourham, J. Amstrong and T. Yamamoto

Economic and Technical Comparisons of Fabric Filters and Electrostatic Precipitators, R.C. Carr, W. Piulle, V.H. Belba and F.A. Horney

Present Status and Future Trends of Emission and Opacity Standards in Industrial Countries, S. Kato

Session 3: Electrostatic Precipitation Today - I

Effect of Corona Power on Electrostatic Precipitator Performance, H.L. Engelbrecht, N.O. Graves and R.R. Crynack

Panel Discussion on Wide Spacing Precipitators, D. Heinrich (U.K.), K. Darby (U.K.), G. Driggers (U.S.A.), T. Kawamura (Japan), S. Matts (Sweden), G. Meyer-Schwinning (West Germany), G. Nichols (U.S.A.) and S. Nohso (J apan)

Computer Optimized Precipitators -Operational Experience and Test Results, F. Neulinger and H. Schummer

Computer and Microprocessor Control of Electrical Precipitators as Currently Practiced in the U.S., J.A. Finny

Overview of the U.S. EPA Electrostatic Particulates R&D program, N. Plaks

Session 4: Electrostatic Precipitation Today - II

Panel Discussion on State of the Art of Pulse Energization and lts Evaluation, S. Masuda (Japan), K. Darby (U.K.), D. Dinelli (Italy), j. DuBard (U.S.A.), P. Lausen (Denmark), R. McRainie , H. Milde (U.S.A.) and M. Rea (Italy)

State of the Art of Precharging, S. Masuda

PrecipitabiIity of Fly Ash from Various Coals, J. Suzuki and N. Tachibana

Flue Gas Conditioning Studies, J.P. Gooch, E.B. Dismukes, R.E. Bickelhaupt and R.F. Altman

Bipolar Current Probe for Measuring Space Potential and Back Corona Severity in ESP, S. Masuda, T. Itagaki, S. Nohso, O. Tanaka, K. Hironaga and N. Fukushima

Reduction of Power Consumption in Precipitators, T. Ando, Y. Nakayama and Y. Matsumoto

Session 5: Basic Technology of Precipitation

Dust Resistivity - Its Significance and Interpretation, E.C. Potter

Properties of the Particulate Dust Layer That Arise Because of Its Particulate Structure, K.J. McLean

A New Method of Evaluation of Mechanical Strength of Dust Layer in ESP, K. Makino, M. Yamada, M. Kawahara and K. Kuramitsu

Effect of Turbulence on Precipitator Performance, S.A. Self, M. Mitchner, K.D. Khim, D.H. Choi and R. Leach

lmpact of Coal Combustion on Particulate Pollution and Role of Electrostatic Precipitation for Its Abatement, S. Kurihara

Effects of Wire Diameter on Particle Charging and Collection Efficiency in Electrostatic Precipitators, D.H. Pontius and L.E. Sparks

S03 Conditioning for High Resistivity Fly Ash, E.L. Coe, jr.

Session 6A: Resistivity, Ash Chemistry and Conditioning

Sulphur to Coal -How It Influences Resistivity, K.M. Sullivan

Effect of Coal Type and Combustion Conditions on Aerosol Properties from Pulverized Coal Combustion System, M. Sadakata, A. Yoshino, T. Sakai and H. Matsuoka

Ash Chemistry, Resistivity and Electrostatic Precipitator Performance, J. Dalmon

Resistivities of South African Fly Ashes, D. Heinichen and K. Walton

SO3-Flue-Gas Conditioning, a Proven Method to Increase the Efficiency of Existing Electrostatic Precipitators, H.J. Gomoll

Effect of Sodium Conditioning on the Resistivity of Fly Ash of Selected Indian Coal, J.M. Dave

Electrostatic Precipitators in Dry FGD Applications, Y. Chen, R. Triscori, H. Krigmont, H. Spencer and R. Davis

Session 6B: Electrode Design, Spacing and Sizing

Electrostatic Precipitator Sizing Methodologies, A Review, N.W. Frisch

Some Electrode Geometry, Electric Field and Performance Effects in Electrostatic Precipitation, H.J. Hall

The Research and Application of Electrostatic Precipitator with Wide Spacing and Cross-Positioned Channel Collecting Plates in Power Plant, G.J. Chen and L.Q. Wang

Electrostatic Precipitation Phenomena in Very Large Diameter Smoke Stacks, I.I. Inculet

Test and Study on Controlling Acid Mist by Means of Electrostatic Field of Extra High Voltage, Bai Xi-Yao, Wang Xu-Chuan, Lu Shen-Yan, Zhu Yu-Cheng and Jia Feng-Lin

Plate Spacing Effect on Precipitator Performance, K. Darby

Operating Results of Commerciai Precipitators with 400 mm Plate Spacing, W. Diener

Session 6C: Electrostatic Precipitation Technology and High-Temperature, High-Pressure Precipitators

Laboratory and Pilot Plant Evaluation of the Cooled-Electrode Precharger for Collecting High-Resistivity Dust, M.D. Durham, G.A. Rinard and D.E. Rugg

High Temperature, High Pressure Electrostatic Precipitation, Current Status, P.L. Feldman and K.S. Kumar

Simulation of Some Physical Processes in Electrostatic Precipitators I. Berta

Three Year Performance Evaluation of a New Rigid Electrode Precipitator Design, G.R. Gawreluk and E.R. Brailey

Practical Results of New Oevelopments on EPs -Benefits and Limitations, .J J. Brandt

Demonstration of a Two-Stage Electrostatic Precipitator for Application to Industrial Processes, C.G. Noll

Design Criteria for Optimised Precipitators, P.F. Coventry and J.F. Hughes

Session 6D: Electrostatic Augmentation of Mechanical Collection

Electrical Augmentation of Fabric Filters by Precharging, J W.B. Smith, J.O. McCain, O.H. Pontius and B.E. Pyle

lmproved Particle Collection in Oeep Bed Filters by Using Electret Fibres, Hp. Baumgartner and F. Loeffler

Filtration Performance of Precharged Dust Particles, K. Ohtsuka, M. Shimoda, T. Yukitake, S. Tanaka and H. Asano

Electrostatic Enhancement of a Fabric Filter Baghouse, W. Humphries, C. Jones, G. Miles and G. Stewart

ULPA-Filter -Mechanically or Electrostatically? A CriticaI Examination, O. Cucu and H.J. Lippold

Fundamental Processes of Fine Particle Collection by Charged Water Oroplets, M. Hara, S. Sumiyoshitani and M. Akazaki

Electro-Dynamic Precipitation : A New Concept for Combined Gas Absorption and Fine Particulate Removal, J.F. Vicard )

Session 7A: Electrostatic Precipitation

Research of 3-Stage Wide Interelectrode Spacing Electrostatic Dust Collector Type NKB, Zhu Ke-Ming and Bai Xi-Yao

Study on Checking Open Dust Source by Means of Extra High Voltage Electrostatic Field, Bai Xi-Yao, Wang Xu-Chuan, Lu Shen-Yan, Zhu Yu-Cheng, Jia Feng-Lin, Shi Quang-Xue and Wang jian-Zhong

The Calculation of Electric Field in an Electrostatic Precipitator, T. Ohkubo, Y. Nomoto, T. Adachi and M. Kawasaki

Wet Type Electrostatic Precipitators Installed in Waste Incinerators in Japan, S. Okuda and M. Wada

The Experiment of Electrostatic Precipitator with Ultrasonic Agglomeration, T. Nakane, T. Otsuka and K. Sera

Collection Efficiency of Size-Fractioned Dusts for Electrostatic Precipitators and Baghouses, M. Samata

Estimation Formula for Dust Collection Efficiency in Electrostatic Precipetators, K. Ohtsuka, T. Yukitake, M. Shimoda, H. Asano and H. Yamada

Pulse Energization of Precipitators Using Long Corona Transmission Lines, S. Masuda and S. Hosokawa

Lateral Propagation of Back Corona and Its Avoidance in Precipitator Operation, S. Masuda, T. Itagaki, S. Kaneko and M. Kubota

Effects of Ripples and Polarity in Voltage on Corona V-I Characteristics and Particle Charging in ESP, Iijima

Flue Gas Conditioning by Gypsum Produced from Lime-Stone Scrubbers, T. Tomita, O. Tanaka and S. Noso

New Features of the Back-Coronas Examined with Electrostatically Accumulated Welding-Fumes, Y. Nagao, T. Takahashi and K. Haga

Collection Characteristics of Ash Particles Focussing on Physicochemical Processes in Pulverized Coal Combustion System, K. Okazaki, T. Nishikawa and K. Ohtake

Recent Results of Applications of the Moving Electrode Electrostatic Precipitator for Coal Fired Utility Boilers, H. Asano, M. Ootsuka and T. Yano

Evaluation of Electrostatic Precipitability of Coal Fly-Ash Using Laboratory Combustor, S. Shibuya, Y. Mochizuki, K. Fukuzawa and H. Asano

A Method of Back Corona Detection and Its Application, T. Noda, H. Terai and T. Kameshima

Dust Layer on the Discharge Electrode and Enlarged Electrode Spacing, C. Golkowski

Field Distribution Characteristics Near Collecting Electrode in Duct Precipitators, Chang Diguang and Sun Biao

Electrical and Collecting Characteristics in a Model ESP Unit, T. Watanabe, Y. Deguchi and M. Yashima

A New High Efficiency ESP for Oil Mist, D. Cucu, H.J. Lippold and H. Bestaendig

Wide Spacing Electrostatic Precipitator for Blast Furnace Gas, T. Kawamura

One-Duct-Model Study of Extremely-Wide-Spacing Electrostatic Precipitation for Ion-Ore-Sintering Exhaust Gas, T. Kawamura

Are Non-Deutschian Phenomena Required to Explain Wide Spacing?, D.O. Heinrich

High Intensity Charging Device for Carbon Soot Particulates, S. Masuda and Jae-Duk Moon

Combined Treatment of S02 and High Resistivity Fly Ash Using a Pulse Energized Electron Reactor, A. Mizuno, J.S. Clements and R.H. Davis

The Influence of Flue Gas Additives on the Electrostatic Precipitation of Fly Ash, J.A. Cross

Impulse Energization of IndustriaI ESP, G. Dinelli and M. Rea

Design and Operating Experience of Electrostatic Precipitators for Indian Fly Ash, S. Sekar and T.C. Parthasarathy

Some Space Charge Problems Encountered with Large Electrode Spacing, L. Lindau and S. Matts

Effects of Pulse Energization on Electrical Mechanisms in a Fly Ash Precipitator, J.L. DuBard, W. Piulle and L.E. Sparks

Increased Passage Width -Development Steps and Results Achieved with IndustriaI Installations, G. Mayer-Schwinning

Computer Control System Using Intermittent Emitting, K. Takimoto, T. Hino and S. Mori

The Application of ESP in Power Plant in China, Yu Shou-Cheng

Session 7B: Electrostatic Augmentation of Mechanical Collection

Collection Efficiency of Electrostatic Granular Bed Filter with Precharger, T. Nagayama, M. Watanabe and H. Makino I

Agglomeration of Gravel Due to Electric Arc in an Electrostatic Granular Moving-Bed Scrubber in the Presence of Conductive Dust, L.C. Phan, M.A. Allaire, R. Veillette and M. Dion

Session 7C: Aerosol Science and Measurement

Comparison of Submicron Particle Size Distribution in Flue Gas by Various Instruments, H. Matsuda, H. Makino and M. Watanabe

Measurement of Charged Particle Velocities in Electrostatic Precipitators, I M. Shimoda, T. Yukitake and K. Ohtsuka

The Charging of Aerosols in Corona Discharge Field, T. Sato

Measurement and Utilization of Dynamic Properties of Powder Bed, Tanaka

Low Pressure Cascade Impactors for Aerosol Sampling at High Temperatures, A. Berner and O. Preining

Session 7D: Applied Electrostatics

Electrodynamic Behaviour of Dust Particles within Electric Curtain Field of Plane Type, Z. Dudzicz

Spontaneous Electrification of Water Spray from a Nozzle Made of Insulator, N. Murasaki, Y. Suzuki, K. Fujibayashi and M. Matsui

Electrical Properties of Corona Charged Electrets, T. Oda, N. Hiruma, K. Ueno and S. Masuda

Charge Density Distribution on Surface of Insulator After Electrostatic Discharge, M. Matsui, N. Murasaki and K. Fujibayashi

New Theoretical Analysis on Currents Induced by a Moving Point Charge among Conductors, K. Miyoshi, Y. Miyoshi and M. Mizuno

Characteristics of the Positive Corona Sheath in Air -Estimation of the Luminosity Distribution by the Abel Transformation, Y. Takahashi, S. Kobayashi and T. Kashimura

Discharges on Electrified Polymer Surface, S. Kobayashi, T. Kouno, S. Matsumoto, Y. Takahashi and H. Saito

Footing Point of the Separating Discharge and Paschen Curve, S. Kobayashi, T. Kouno, S. Matsumoto, Y. Takahashi and T. Hirano

Influence of Surfactant upon AC Flashover of the Insulator Having a Back-Side Electrode, Y. Yamano, S. Kobayashi and Y. Takahashi

Charge or Water Drops Dropping in a Nonunirorm Electric field, N. Yoshida, R. Ishimaru and T. Adachi

Forces Acting on Corona Wire in Parallel Plate Electrode, M. Kawasaki and M. Akazaki

Experimental Studies on Charge Duality or Dust Particles, K. Fujibayashi, N. Murasaki and M. Matsui

Development or the Continuous flocking Machine Using Electric Curtain Panel, H. Kunisawa and K. Kato

Fishing Tackles Made or Carbon FRP and the Electric Shock, S. Kobayashi, Y. Takahashi and M. Kobayashi

Computation or Electric field Lines by Charge Simulation Method, S. Kato

Session 8A: Electrostatic Precipitation –Fundamentals

The Use of Energetic Electrons in a Particle Precharger and in a Sulfur Dioxide Reactor, R.H. Davis, J.S. Clements, W.C. Finney (U.S.A.) and A. Mizuno

A Review of Mathematical Models for ESPs and Comparison of Their Successes, P. Lawless and L. Sparks

Some Aspects of Efficiency Theory for Electrostatic Precipitators, T. Yamamoto

Modeling of Corona Quenching Phenomena in Ouct-Type Electrostatic Precipitators, A.A. Elmoursi and G.S.P. Castle

TSOC Measurement of Fly Ashes from Pulverized Coal Combustion, T. Oda, S. Masuda and T. Fujita

Particle Collection by Electret Fiber, H. Emi, C. Kanaoka and Y. Otani

Investigation of Electric Forces Influence on Filtration on the basis of Electric Field Measurements in the Filter, J. Malcher and R. Zuczkowski

Session 8B: Electrostatic Precipitation –Energization

Improvement of Electrostatic Precipitator Performance with Pulse Energization, O.D. Sinhuber

Pulse Energization -an Alternative to Conditioning for Highly Resistive Dusts, K. Darby

Practical Equipment Now Available for Pulse Energization Will Save Energy and Improve Performance, K. Porle and Y. Matsui

Pulse Charging Characteristics Using Microcomputer Control, Cobley and Makin

Influence of Process Parameters on Pulse Enhancement Factors, H.J. Joergensen, E. Jacobsen and P. Lausen

Study on Optimum Power Supply for an Electrostatic Precipitator, Zhao Tong-Guang and Ma Hong-Da

Submicrosecond Pulse Energization for Retrofitting Applications, S. Masuda and S. Hosokawa

Session 8C: Aerosol Science and Measurement

Aerosol Characterization I (State of the Art Review), O. Preining

Aerosol Characterization II (A System Analytical Approach for Aerosols in Industry), O. Preining

Real-Time Measurement of Electrostatic Charge and Aerodynamic Diameter of Aerosol Particles and Its Application to Electrostatic Precipitators and Electrostatically Enhanced Fabric Filters, M. Mazumder, R. Ware and J. Wilson

Application of Laser Velocimetry to the Analysis of Electrostatic Precipitators, J. Taillet, C. Pacou, J. Pigère, C. D'Humières, and D. Soulevant

Particulate Charging with long Obtained with Vaporizable Aerosol Injection, J. Taillet

Measurement of Electrostatic Mobility Distribution of Dust Particles in a Wet-Type Electrostatic Precipitator, S. Okuda, F. Lee and H. Takano

Dust Measurement for Collection Efficiency of Electrostatic Precipitators, I. Tamori, N. Kogure and K. Imagami

Session 8D: Applied Electrostatics 1

Development of Electrostatic Research in China, R. Li

The Influence of Back lonization on Particle Charging, A.G. Bailey and S. Singh

Electromagnetically Levitated Probe for Space Charge Analysis, N. Murasaki, S. Matsumoto, K. Fujibayashi and M. Matsui

Study of Dust Particle Collection Efficiency in DC Co-Flow Type Electrostatic Fluidized Bed Precipitators, S. Ogata and J.S. Chang

Optimal High Voltage Energization on the Condition of ESP, Yang Yujun

Unipolar Diffusion Charging of Ultrafine Aerosol Particles, M. Adachi, K. Okuyama and Y. Kousaka

Panel Session on Status and future or Precipitators,

Panelists: S. Oglesby, Jr. (U.S.A.), W. Crandall (U.S.A.), K. Darby (U.K.), G. Dinelli (Italy). L. fisher (V.S.A.), J. Lagarias (U.S.A.), )S. Masuda (Japan). S. Ore m (U.S.A.), T. Ohtsuka (Japan), E. Potter (Australia), G. Preston (U.S.A.)