Welcome address of the Chairman, Massimo Rea

Address of Italian Minister of Industry, Adolfo Battaglia,


Deutsch, a Pioneer in Electrostatic Precipitation, G. Mayer-Schwinning

Physics of Corona Discharges, I. Gallimberti

European Community Approach in the Field of Air Pollution, B. Delogu

Electrostatic Applications in China, Li Ruinian

The Effect of U.S. Particulate Control Regulations on Precipitator Technology, J. Maulbetsch and J.S. Lagarias

Conference Session: FUNDAMENTALS

Electric Field Conditions in Conventional and Wide Duct Precipitators, G.S.P. Castle, Ws Bracha, A.A. Elmoursi

Effect of Ultrasonic to Corona Discharge , T. Hirata, T. Nakane, K. Seya

Self-Excited Vibration Mechanism of Corona Wire in Electrostatic Precipitator, M. Kawasaki, M. Hara, M. Akazaki

Rapping Losses -The Major Problem in Precipitators Design for High Efficiency, S. Matts

Tuft Corona Method of Calculating Characteristics of Electrostatic Precipitators, K.J. McLean

The Investigation on Laser Corona for ESP, Li Meiqing, Tan Tianyou

Understanding the Resistive Impediment to Precipitation, E.C. Potter


IndustriaI Demonstration of Pulse Energization on Electrostatic Precipitators, G. Dinelli, F. Mattachini, V. Bogani, A. Baldacci, R. Tarli

Evaluation of ESP Intermittent Energization, J.L. DuBard, E.C. Landham Jr., W. Piulle, .J. Riley. P. Gelfand

Even Less Energy does the Job: Results of Variopulse-operation in EP-Plants, F.B. Neulinger

On Back Corona in Precipitators and Suppressing it Using Different Energization Methods, K. Porle

A Total Energy Management System for Electrostatic Precipitators, A. Russel-Jones

Five Years Experience with Pulse-energised ESPs on Power Plants Burning a Wide Range of Coals, M.R. Schioth


The Impact of FGD Systems on Precipitator Requirements and Performance, M.J. Ashley, R.A. Greaves

Prediction of SO3 Injection Rates for Fly Ash Conditioning Systems, E.L. Coe, Jr., H.V. Krigmont

The Influence of Boiler Injection of Limestone and Hydrated Lime on Precipitator Performance, and Methods for Improving Performance, J.P. Gooch, J.L. DuBard, R. Beittel

Experience with Heat Exchanger Reduction of Gas Temperature to Improve ESP Performance and Provide FGD System Reheat, W.R. Lane, J.G. Musgrove, A. Sassi

Influence of Plants for Removal of Gaseous Pollutants on Downstream Precipitators, G. Mayer-Schwinning

The Conditioning of High Resistivity Fly Ash by the External Decomposition of Ammonium. Sulfate and Subsequent Injection into the Flue Gas Stream -A status report, G.B. Nichols, E.B. Oismukes, E.C. Landham, R.F. Altman


Experimental Simulation of Ultrafine Nonspherical Particle Charging Under Electrostatic Precipitator Conditions, J.S.. Chang, S. ODO, R.M. Hobson

Bipolar Electrostatic Precipitation Theoretical Considerations, B. Eliasson, W. Egli

An Experimental Investigation of the Charging of Different Sized Particles in a Precipitator, A.F. Howe, J.A. Houlgreave

Electrostatic Agglomeration of Particles, J..F. Hughes, R.B. Richardson

Effect of Particle Shape on Collection Efficiency of Laboratory-scale Precipitators, R.L.R. Salcedo, R.J. Munz


Analysis of Flow Field in ESP, T. Adachi, T. Okubo, T. Murakami, J.S. Chang

New Concept in Precipitator Gas Distribution, A.G. Hein

A Visual Investigation of Corona Induced Turbulence in a Laboratory Scale Model Precipitator, K.R. Parker, G. Hughes

Experimental Study of Plate-rapping and Reentrainement, S.A. Self, D.H. Choi, M. Mitchner, R. Leach

Secondary Flow and Turbulence in Negative-Corona Precipitator with Large Diameter, Barbed-wire Electrodes, L.S. Soerensen, P.S. Larsen, E.M. Christensen, J.V. Christiansen

Improving ESP Performance by Reducing Losses, P.A. Lawless, T. Yamamoto

Precipitator Performance Improvement through Turbulence Control, S.A. Self, K.D. Kihm, M. Mitchner

Effect of Pulse-operation in Turbulence and Secondary Flows in Negative-corona, Barbed-wire Precipitator, P.S. Larsen, J.V. Christiansen, E.M. Christensen

Corona Wind in Plate-wire ESP's, G. Koopmans, Q. Hoogeboom


Electric Field and Current Distribution along Profiled Collecting Electrodes in a Wire-Plate Electrostatic Precipitator, C.E. Akerlund

Space Charge Effect of Dense Tar Fume on Wide Space Rotary Cylinder Type ESP and Simple Correction Equation of its Deutsch Migration Velocity, F. Isahaya

Role of Dust Space Charge in Electrostatic Precipitation and its Measuring Method, S. Masuda, T. Itagaki, Wang Jianzhong

Space Charge Effects in ESP, T. Palotai, I. Berta, A. Czeiler, N. Szedenik, M. Koltai

Experimental Study on Equivalent Circuit of Corona Discharge Space in Cylindrical Electrode System, M. Takajyo, M. Kawasaki, T. Ohkubo, T. Adachi


Experience with Pulsed Energization of Precipitators for a Wide Range of Processes and Operating Conditions, C. Mauritzson, K. Porle, M. Kirsten

Pulse Energization of Electrostatic Precipitator, H. Terai, T. Kameshima, T. Sonobe, K. Matsuura

Precipitator Power Consumption and Performance Advantages Achieved with Innovative Methods of Energization, E.H. Weaver, R.E. Johnson

Digit Contral of SCR in Microcomputer Controlled Electrostatic Precipitator, Zhao Tongguang, Ma Hongda

High Efficient Microcomputer Controlled Supply for Electrostatic Precipitator, Zhao Tongguang, Ma Hongda, Wang Yiyeng, Zhang Xuedong


Capture of Submicron Particles in Air Filters by Electrostatically Charged Fibres (Electret-Filters): An Experimental and Theoretical Study, F. Loeffler, H.P. Baumgartner

An Electrostatic Precipitator Using a Ferroelectric Pellet Layer for Particle Collection, A. Mizuno, H. Ito

A Mathematical Model for Fabric Filtration with IntegraI Particle Charging and Collection in a Combined Electric and Flow Field, N. Plaks

Hot Gas Clean-up by Vaporizable Aerosol Injection and Electrized Pebble Bed Filtration, J. Taillet, N. Giboni

Influence of Dust Pre-charging on the Pressure Drop in the Filter, J. Malcher, A. Sycinska-Trojniak


Mechanism of NH4.NO3, Aerosol Particle Formation By Streamer Corona Discharges, J.S. Chang

Pulse Induced Plasma Chemical Process for DeNO. and Mercury Vapour Contral of Combustion Gases, S. Masuda, Y. Wu, T. Urabe, Y. Odo

Removal of NO. and SO, from Combustion Gases by Means of Corona Energization, L. Civitano, G. Dinelli, M. Rea

Workshop Session: MODELLING

Experimental Simulation of the Electrohydrodynamic Functioning of an Electrostatic Precipitator, P. Atten, A. Lahjomri

Dynamic Modelling of Electrostatic Precipitators, M. Koralun

Computer Simulation of Flyash Trajectory in an ESP, T. Watanabe

Gas and Electrical Sneakage in Electrostatic Precipitators, T. Yamamoto, P.A. Lawless, L.E. Sparks

Method for Computing Back Corona in Electrostatic Precipitators, S. Cristina, M. Feliziani

Predictive Model for PIume Opacity from ESPs, K.T. Lee

Computer Simulation Processes in Electrostatic Precipitators, M. Sokol

Workshop Session: SIZING

CriticaI Electrostatic Precipitator Technology: Factors for Very Fine Particle Collection, H.J. Hall

A New Precipitator Formula?, S. Maartmann

Performance Evaluation of Wide Spacing EP in Indian Thermal Power Plant, H.V. Gurumurthy, D. Ramakrishnan, T.C. Parthasarathy

Workshop Session: DESIGN

The Research and Application of Precipitators with Auxiliary Electrodes and Cross-Positioned Channel Plates, Chen Guoju, Wang Liqian

Study of a New-Type Discharge Electrode (Q curve), Yang Jisong

Operating Experience with Rigid Electrode Precipitators on Wood-fired Boilers, G. Gavreluk

Experience with a New Discharge Electrode for Electrostatic Precipitators Installed in Refuse Incineration Plants, Small and Medium Size Utilities as well as in Various IndustriaI Applications, W.J. Frank, H.L. Wheeler, L.J. Schon

Electrical Performance of Serrated Strip Electrodes in Electrostatic Precipitators, R.G. Corbin

Upgrading of Existing Installations, J.H. Lind

Criteria for Evaluation of the Rapping Effect on Plate-type Precipitators, W. Nicolai, H. Heer

On the Quality Criteria of Electrostatic Precipitators, Yu Shoucheng

Removal of Submicron Particulates at High Level of Energy Efficiency, M.C. Griem

Flue Gas Aerosol Separation with a new Wet Wall Electrostatic Precipitator, K. Holzer

Structural Repair of Large Hot-Side Electrostatic Precipitators, C.A. Altin, R.A. Schmidt, K.K. Fatehpuria

Intensification of Dust Removal Processes in an Electrofilter, S. Bach, H. Szwed


Combined Aerodynamic Size, Charge-to-mass and Velocity Measurements of Aerosol Particles, R. Hunik, W. Hiemstra

Use of an Electric Field Meter for the Continuous Measurement of Mass Emissions from Inco's Copper Cliff Smelter, I. I. Inculet, J. Middleton, C.S.P. Castle

Monitoring of ESP Performance by LED Trasmissometer, I. Tamòri, N. Kogure, M. Shirahasen, S. Tokumaru

Workshop Session: PILOT TESTING

Engineering Aspects of a Pilot ESP Programme, B. Bellagamba, C. Liberati, F. Malagnini, E. Riboldi

The Precipitator Test Facility at CERL and the Use of Continuous Weighing in the Diagnosis of the Precipitation Processes and Reentrainement Phenomena, M.J. Moore, J.K. Horrocks

Pilot Scale Experiments to Improve Performance of Electrostatic Precipitators by Means of a Reentrainement Collector and Large Diameter Discharge Electrodes Made tram Flexible Cable, N. Plaks, L.E. Sparks

ACIRL Coal Combustion Pilot Precipitator Test Facility, K.M. Sullivan, J.W. Baker, P.J. Naylor


Possible Agronomic Utilization of Fly Ash tram Coal-Fired Power Plants, S. Cervelli, C. Petruzzelli

Effects of Sodium Conditioning on Coal Fly Ash, J.M. Dave

Electrical Characterization of Fly Ash at High Temperature, P.H. de Haan, P.J. Nederveen, P.J. Droppert, K.E.D. Wapenaar, B. Scarlett

Size Classification and Metal Enrichment of Pulverized Fuel Ash by Electrostatic Precipitation, D. Heinichen, J.P. Willis

Precipitation of Fly Ash tram Blends of Coals, C.A.J. Paulson, E. Polfer


Study of Tar Fum Collection with a 800 CFM Wet Electrostatic Precipitator Prototype, J.L. Laforte, M.A. Allaire, R. Gilbert

Electrostatic Precipitation in Gas Streaas Heavily Laden with Sulfur, C.G. NolI, K.O. Kunze, H. Weissert

Optimization of Blast Furnace Dedusting Systems: Top Gas Cleaning by Dry Type Round Precipitators -Cast-house Dedusting Systeas with Electrostatic Precipitators, K. Steinbacher

Development of Hot Gas Cleanup (Dust Removal Technology for Coal Gasification Combined Cycle), J. Suzuki, N. Tachibana

The Full Scale Test for Determination of Performance for Technical Modification of Dust Collecting Systea for Copper Smelting Reverberation Furnace, Xie Yucheng


Investigation of the Ozone Producing Processes in Surface Discharge Type Ozonizer, S. Masuda, E. Kiss

Electrostatic Precipitation for the Control of Diesel Soot Particulate, J.D. Moon, S. Masuda

Control System of Hazardous Corona Discharge in Electrostatic Eliminator, Y. Tabata

Panel Session: ESP WORLDWIDE

The Emissions Control Technology in the Energy Sector, G. Dinelli, G. Marchesi

I Meeting Emissions Requirements at Utility Coal-fired Plants in the United States, W. Piulle, J.S. Maulbetsch

User Experience with ESPs -Results of a Survey, D. Heinichen, H.O. Egenes, C.J. EIs

Emission Standards in Cement Industry -An. indian Scenario, A.K. Misser

Electrostatic Precipitators in Poland: State-of-the-Art and Future Trends, M. Jedrusik

Electrostatic Precipitators in Germany, G. Rau

Electrostatic Precipitators in the GDR -Actual Situation and Perspectives, L. Zimmermann