Chapter l: Status of Development and Ulitization of Electrostatic Precipitators

Panel Session: Electrostatic Precipitation Worldwide, Sigvard Matts (Sweden), Edmund Potter (Australia), Massimo Rea (Italy), Sidney Self (U.S.A.), Franz Neulinger (Germany), Grady B. Nichols (U.S.A.), Helge Hoegh Peterson (Denmark)

China's Energy Industry and Its Air Pollution, H.F.Shu

Emission Control Regulations in the Federal Republic of Germany, Peter Davids

Research and Development of Air Pollution Technologies in Japanese power Industries, Jiro Suzuki

Issues and Trends in Electrostatic Precipitation for U.S. utilities, George R. Offen

Electrostatic Precipitation in Coal-Fired Boilers in Finland: Actual Stage and Retrofitting, Peter Vollner

The Researches and Applications of Electrostatic Precipitators in China, L.Q.Wang

Chapter 2: Fundamentals

Interpreting Electrical Data from Electrostatic Precipitators, Grady B.Nichols

Can the Effective Migration Rate Increase Observed in Electrostatic Precipitators with wider Plate-spacing or Faster Gas Streams Really Be Regarded as a "Non-Deutschian Phenomenon ?", Claus Riehle, Friedrich Loffler

The Significance of the Current-voltage Characteristics in Geometric-Similar Parallel Plate Precipitators, Claus Riehle and Friedrich Loffler

Investigation of the Particle Dynamics and Separation Efficiency of a Laboratory-scale Electrostatic

Precipitator Using Laser-Doppler Velocimetry and Particle Light-Scattering Size Analysis, Claus RiehIe, Friedrich Loffler

Model Investigations of Gas Flow to a power-Plant Electrostatic Precipitator, Maria Jedrusik

Estimation of the Collecting Efficiency of a Lateral Net Collecting Electrode, J.Wang and X.Z. Yan

Computer analysis of the perceptibility for FIy Ashes from a Range of Chinese Coals, K.B.He, J.M.Hao, H.X.Chao, G.W.Fu, Q.C.Liu, B.H.Wu

Chapter 3: Applications of Electrostatic Precipitation

The Use of Electrostatic Precipitators in the Cement Manufacturing Industry for the ContraI of Dust

Emissions, K. Darby

Treatment of Flue Gas and Residues from Municipal and industrial Waste Incinerators, G. Mayer-Schwinning

Two Options for the Collection of High Resistivity FIy Ash, RaIph Aitman, Ed Dismukes and George Rinard

Electrostatic Precipitation of Dust from Fluidized-bed Combustors and Furnace Sorbent Injection Processes, RaIph F.AItman and CarI Landham

On-site-purification Technique of Arc welding Fumes by Ionic Charging, X.Y. Bai, Z.Y. Shao, Z.T. Zhang, C.W.Yi, C.Z. Jiang

Electrostatic Precipitator Used in the Gas-fuel open-hearth Furnace with Top Oxygen-Biowing, W.M. Cen, C.W. Yu

HPHT-Separation of FIy Ashes by Means of EIectrostatic Precipitators, K. Arras, G. Mayer-Schwinning, E. Webber, H. Wiggers

A Thermoelectronic Type of ESP, A.Z. Chen, X.Z. Guo, Y.H. Wu, Q.D. Wei, J.S. Zhdu

The Practice on Cleaning Copper Converter Gases with the YWZ-RS 20 1/4 Electrostatic Precipitator, L.R. Chen

An Investigation of wider Plate Spacing Design on Cement Cooler Precipitator, Rey-Chein Chang and Jia-Shyan Ger

Improving the Performance of Horizontal Electrostatic Precipitators by Installing Additional Electrodes in the Gas Inlet and Outlet, Kristian Schroter

Test on Wide Plate Spacing Electrostatic Precipitators used in Coal-fired Power Plants, G. J. Chen and T. W. Yin

Study and Application of Electrostatic Precipitator for Sundering Main Exhaust Cleaning, C.S. Liu, Z.Y. Dou

Results of Flyash Collection Property Test in Connection with the Actual Proof Test of 75MW CWM Fired Boiler, Isao Shimize and Makato Ohtsuka

Electrostatic Precipitator for the Sintering Waste Gas, F.M. Qi and J.P. Wen

Chapter 4: Optimisation of Electrode System Geometries and Sizing

On the Choice of Electrode Geometrics and Voltage Waveforms for ESP's, Kjell Porle

A Precipitator Sizing Formula, Helge Hoegh Petersen

A Study of Wide-Spacing ESP, Z.S. Li., S.M. Huang, Z. Liang

The Development and Performance Evaluation of Wide Spacing Electrostatic Precipitator, G.S. Tang and J. Gao

A Study on Novel Electrode Geometries by Plate-current Characteristics of Electrostatic Precipitators, R.S. Guo, H.D. Zhang and X.Z. Zhang

Simulation and Analysis of the Wire Plate Spacing Effect, K.B. He , J.M. Hao, H.X. Cao and G. W. Fu

Chapter 5: Analysis of Field-current Distribution and Related Measurement Techniques

Calculation of Plate-Current Density in a Wire-duct Electrostatic Precipitator, R.S. Guo, H.D. Zhang and X.Z. Zhang

Electrostatic Precipitation Performance of Improved RS Wire, J.L. Yang, D.G. zhang and L.Y. Ren

New Method of Field Calculation in Electrostatic Precipitators with Non-cylindrical Corona Electrodes, I.P. Vereshchagin, A.V. Semenov, A.A. BeIoglovsky

Measurement of Characteristics in Two dimensional Corona Field and Influence of Humidity, M.Y. Hu, X.L. Gao, Z.G. Hu, C.R. Ye, X.R. Yu

Measurement of Negative Ion Mobility at Almost Atmospheric pressure, T. Hayashi, H. Itoh, S. Garan

Chapter 6: Energization and Back Corona

Analysis of Intermittent ESP Energization, Sabert Oglesby Jr., E. CarI Landham, Henneth A. Kuhn

Minimising the power consumption of Electrostatic Precipitators, Preben Lausen

Applications of Electrostatic Precipitator with Pulse Energization System, H. Fujishima and KazuIaka Tomimatsu

Precipitators with Intelligent Energization, Franz NeuIinger

High-resistivity Dusts separation in ESPs with Alternating Polarity power Supply (APPS), V.I. Perevodchikov, V.N. Shapenko, V.M. Stuchenkov, L.P. AIeksandrova, G.Z. Mirzabekyan, Z.T. TenieshviIi, L.P. Yanovsky, A.S. Koptev, W.W. KaIinin B'. I. Ubiennykh

Simple High Voltage Pulsating power Supply for Electrostatic Precipitators, R.Y. Wang, H.Z. Wang, B. Sun

Optimum Design of Miniaturised Electrostatic High-Voltage Power Source, Q. Wang and R. Y. Wang

Power supply Unit with Microprocessor Control and Turn-off Thyristors for Electrostatic Precipitators, I. P. Ermilov, L. P. Kubarev, I. K. Reshidov, A.I. Stupel, V. A. Kuzmenko and I.S. Kubarev

Study on the Breakdown Mechanism of High Resistivity Precipitated Dust Layer, M.K. Tang, R.C. Chen

Computation of Back Corona Discharge FieId, I.V. Vereshchagin, V.A. Zhukov, V. Kalinin

Effect of interlayer Polarisation on Charge Decay on Surface of Solid dielectric, B.K. Maksimov, S.S. Zhulikov, A.I. Obukh

Chapter 7: Rapping, Dust Reentrainment and Agglomeration

The Rapping Systems for Cleaning the Discharge Electrodes and Collectors of Electrostatic Precipitators, K Darby ,A Russell-Jones and A P Baylis

Experimental Study of Collector Plate Rapping and Re-entrainment in Electrostatic Precipitators, S.A. Self, D.H. Choi, M. Mitchner, R. Leach

Measurement and Studies of Accelerations of Collecting Plates of Electrostatic Precipitators, J.S. Li, L.X. Yang, H.N. Zhou, L. Zhang, Y.R. Wang, X. Shi, X.L. Liu

Mechanical Aspects of Electrostatic Precipitation, Arthur G. Hein

Electrostatic Reentrainment and Dispersion of Particles and Agglomerates, Duane H. Pontius

In-plane Acceleration Response of a single Precipitator Plate, Z.X. Huang and K.Y. Chen

The Electrostatic Agglomeration of Fine Particles Inside ESP with a Bi-polar Charging section, T.Ohkubo, S.Kanazawa, Y.Nomoto, T.Adachi, J.F.Hugh

Chapter 8: Conditioning

Experience in Conditioning Electrostatic Precipitators, H.V. Krigmont and E.L. Coe

The Conditioning of the High Resistivity FIy Ash, G.D. Ma, T.L. Zhu

Chapter 9 Removal of SO2 and NOx by Gaseous Discharge,

Non-equilibrium Plasma Chemical Process PPCP and SPCP for Control of NOx, SOx and Other Gaseous Pollutants, Senichi Masuda

Pulse Power Electrostatic Technology for the simultaneous Removal of NOx and SO2, Massimo Rea and Giorgio Dinelli

Removal of NOX and SO by Bipolar Corona, K.P.Yan, Ruinian Li, M. Cui, L.M. Zhou, H. Zhao and H.D. Zhang

The Experiments and Researches on Removing NOx with Short Pulse Corona Discharges, Y. Wu and S. Masuda

The Effect of Residential Time on the Reduction of C02 from Combustion Flue Gases by a Corona Torch Reactor, Z. Xie, K. Jogan, J.S. Chang

High Resolution Schlieren Study of Pulsed Corona, E.M. van Veldhuizen, Y.L.M. Creyghton, W.R. Rutgers

Chapter 10: Electrostatic Augmentation of Fibrous Filter

On the Electric-bag Cleaning Technique, H.J. Wang and X.Z. Zhang

The Influence of Dust Loading on the Performance of Electrostatically Enhanced Fibrous Filters, Gabriel I. Tardos, Robert Pfeffer, Z.M. Zhao

A study of the Performance of Electrostatically Augmented Pulse-jet Baghouse Filter, G.D. Ma, X.F. Yu, H.H. Zeng and G.P. Xu

On the Collection Efficiency of a Single Fibre with Electrostatic Enhancement Effect, Z.F. Wu, K.Q. Jia, G.Q. Zhang and Y.M. Wang

Chapter 11: Applied Electrostatics

Electron Beam Charging Characteristics of a Polypropylene Sheet by Using Mini-Scanning Electron Microscope, Tetsuji Oda and Jun Ochiai

Thermally stimulated Discharge- Currents Observation of a Cross-linked Polyethylene, Tetsuji Oda, S.N. Wang

Decomposition of Fluorocarbon Gaseous Contaminants by Surface Discharge Induced Plasma Chemical Processing by Using Cylindrical Ceramic Based-reactor, Tetsuji Oda, Tadashi Takahashi, Hideyo Motohashi, Senichi Masuda

A Measurement of Electrophotographic Tonor Charge by Artificial Rotation 2 Leaves Hyperboloid Electrode Method, N.Kutsuwada, Y.Nakamura, H.Maejima, Y.Masuda, T.Mitsuishi

Liquid Sterilization by Strong Electric and Magnetic Field, X.Y. Bai, T.M. Chen, M. Li, M.D. Bai and Z.T. Zhang

Deformation and Lysis of a Plant Protoplast in Electric Field, Junya Suehiro, Masanori Hara

The Effect of Electrostatic Field on the Propagation and Ion Absorption of spirulina Platensis, Xie Linxiang and Li Ling

Triboelectric charging of Coal and Accompanying Gangue Particles, R. Ciccu, R. Peretti, A. Serci and A. Zucca

Study on Accelerating Chemical Reactions by Means of High Voltage Corona Electrostatic Field, X.S. Guan, R.H. Hui, S.M. Bai

Study on Separating Granules of the Same Electric Properties by Means of High Voltage Electrostatic Corona Field, X.S. Guan, J.X. Zhang and Z.G. Bi

New Method for Measurement of Instantaneous Voltage on Human Body, Z.C. Liu, Z.D. Wang, G.H. Wei, S.H. Liu, B.X. Zhai, L.Z. Zhang

Investigations of Pressure-sensitive Plastics combating static hazards, C.Z. Lu, Z.Z. Wu and H.T. Zhang

Spark Discharges from Charged Aerosol Cloud, K.V.Antzupov, I.P.Vereshchagin, M.A.Koshelev, L.M.Makalsky, V.S.Sysoev