8th Conference: Birmingham, Ala. (USA) 2001

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ESP Fundamentals

The Effect of Temperature on Corona Characteristics, Chen Shixiu, Sun Youlin, Chen Cixuan, Xie Guangrun, Chen Xuegou

The Effect of Electrohydrodynamic Froude Number on Particle Motion and Collection in Laboratory-Scale Electrostatic Precipitators, N.T.Parasram, A.M.K.P. Taylor

Study of Particle Dispersion and Turbulence Modification Phenomena in Electrostatic Precipitators, J. Suda, I. Kiss, T. Lajos, I. Berta

Electroaerodynamic Secondary F1ow in an Electrostatic Precipitator and Its Influence on Transport of Small Diameter Particles, D. Blanchard, L.M. Dumitran, P. Atten


Computerized Fluid Dynamic Modelling

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of Collection Dynamics, W. Schmitz, D. Gibson, and L. Pretorius

Numerical Modelling of Gas Distribution in Electrostatic Precipitators, Nie1s F. Nielsen, Leif Lind, Elisabeth Akoh, Soren L. Hvid

Computational Fluid Dynamic Modelling of Electrostatic Precipitators, Robert G. Mudry, Brian J. Dumont (Manuscript not available for proceedings.)

Influence of Dust Re-Entrainment and Skew Gas-Flow Technology on ESP Efficiency, Marian Sarna

Electrostatic Precipitation: Dust Movement and Gas-Flow Optimization, Arthur G. Hein


ESP Process Modelling I

New Results in Fuzzy Logic Based ESP Modelling, Istvan Kiss, Tamas Ivancsy, Istvan Berta

Automatic Operation of EPRI ESPert for Real Time Monitoring and, Performance Predictions of Electrostatic Precipitators, Herbert Spencer

On Dust Cake Removal in Electrostatic Precipitators, Lena Lillieblad, Mats Thimanson, Kjell Porle, Hans Jacobsson

Comparison of Techniques oar Electrode Rapping in Electrostatic Precipitators, Manfred Schmoch


ESP Process Modelling Il

A Methodology to Simplify the ESP Models, Jean Salvi

ESP Modelling: From University Studies to Industrial Application, Véronique Arrondel, Gianluca Bacchiega, Ivo Gallimberti

Modelling of Electrode Geometry Effects on Dust Collection Efficiency, of Wire-Plate Electrostatic Precipitators, D. Brocilo, J. S. Chang, R. D. Findlay

Drift Velocity of Fine Particles Estimated from Fractional Efficiency Measurements in a Laboratory-Scale Electrostatic Precipitator, Didier Blanchard, L.M. Dumitran, Pierre Atten

Correlation Between Current Density, Dust Layer Structure and Reentrainment in a Laboratory ESP, Didier Blanchard, L.M. Dumitran, Pierre Atten

Estimated Operating V-I Curves for Rigid Frame Discharge Electrodes for Use in ESP Modelling, Joseph D. McCain


Applications of Skewed Gas Flow

A Critical Review on the Concept of Gas Distribution, Leif Lind

Some Modifications of a Gas Flow in an ESP for Efficiency Improvement, Maria Jedrusik, Arkadiusz Swierczok, and Edward Nowaczewski, Marian Sarna, Edward Grys

The Evaluation of Skewed Gas Flow Technology, Malcolm Boyd

The Application of Skewed Gas Flow Technology at the Israel Electric, Corpo MD-A Station, James Lockhart, Offer Weiss


ESPs in industrial Applications I

Sinter Plant Pollution Control Technology for the New Millennium, Louis Eksteen, K. Hofstadler, F. Murauer, W. Gebert

Enhancing Sinter Strand ESP Performance Using Pulse Energisation, Peter Elholm, Carsten R. Lund

High Efficiency Removal of Dust and Gaseous Pollutants Downstream of Glass Furnaces, G. Mayer-Schwinning, (Manuscript not available for proceedings.)

Electrostatic Precipitators for Refinery Fluid Bed Catalytic Cracking Units, Robert A. Mastropietro, John D. Cunic


ESP in Industrial Applications II

Customized Rigid Discharge Electrodes Show Superior Performance in Pulp & Paper Applications, Mick Chambers, Gary J. Grieco, John C. Carne

How To Successfully Upgrade a Soda Recovery Boiler Electrostatic Precipitator, Inga-Lill Samuelsson, Stephen L. Francis

Develop ESP Energy Conservation Potential, Liu Xue Jun, Hu Han Fang, Li Zai Shi

Improving ESP Performance by Optimising Power Supply -Industrial Applications, J. R. Pajak

Intelligent Centralized-Control and Management System for ESPs, Jiang Qing Long, Zhe Jiang Jia


ESP Performance Improvement

Performance Up Gradation of ESPs Using Difficult Coal, A. Chandra, Ison. V. VanchipurackaI

Modernization of ESP Plants in Russia, E. Belov, V. Gaak, G. Presnov, E.Chernyshev, K. Porle, A. Koptev

Performance Improvement of Existing ESP in Cement Plant, K. K. Das N ag (Manuscript not available for proceedings.)

Development of the Moving Net ESP to Improve Performance of ESPs in Operation, Y. Ueda 1,~1.


Novel Electrostatic Collectors

Trend of Electrostatic Precipitator Design in Japan, Hidekatsu Fujishima

Development of Research Works on Lentoid Type ESP, Chen Xuegou, Chen Shixiu

Electro Core Advanced Particulate Control Technology far Power Generation, Richard F. Abrarns, Bruce Easorn, Leo A. Srnolensky

Development of Advanced Gas Cleaning System far Sub-Micron Particle Removal, Y. Veda

A Kind of Light Type ESP, Liu WeiPing, Zhang Xiong Wen

Several Problems on Application for Roof ESP, Li Ning


Wet ESP Technology

WESPs and Fine Particle Collection, Ken Parker

Horizontal Flow, Flat Plate WESPs for High Efficiencies and Large Gas Flows, Steve Francis, Keith Bradbum, Kjell Porte

Analysis of Wet ESP Performance at Xcel Energy's Sherboume County Station, Sam Kumar, R. W. Elsner

Incineration Facility Employs Wet ESP Pollution Control Technology To Meet New EPA MACT Multi-Pollutant Standards, Isaac Ray


Switched-Mode Power Supplies

Electrical Design Considerations far Switched-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) for ESPs, Helmut Herder, (Manuscript not available for proceedings.)

Hard Switching -A Superior Switched-Mode Power Supply Design for ESP, 0yvind Wetteland

Advanced Switched Integrated Rectifiers far ESP Energization, Martin Kirsten, Christer Mauritzson, Mats Thimanson, and Anders Karlsson

FuIl Scale Test With Switched-Mode Power Supplies on an ESP at High Resistivity Operating Conditions, Victor Reyes


Energization for ESPs

PC System and New Type T/R Microcomputer Control, Jiang Qinglong

Methods to Reduce the Energy Consumption of an ESP, Guo Jun

Low Maintenance Robust Pulse Power far Pulsed Corona NOx and SOx Control, Manfred Schmoch, Siegmar Breuer

Identification of Optimal Parameters far Pulsed Energization of ESPs, Norbert KIippel

Effects of Back Corona on ROPE Waveforms, P .H. Swart, R Strydom


Plasma Discharges for Gas Cleaning

Corona Induced Non- Thermal Plasma far Pollution Control and Sustainable Technology, K. Yan, E. J .M. van Heesch, A.J .M. Pemen

Simultaneous Removal of NOx and Carbon Soot from Diesel Exhaust Using Discharge Plasma, Akiro Mizuno

Experimental Study on the Plasma Gas Conditioning in Electrostatic Precipitator, Y. J. Kim, S.H. Jeong, W. S.Hong, J. S.Choi, C. H.Cho, S. C. Moon

Simultaneous Removal of Fine Particulates, SO2, and NOx by a Two-Stage Electrostatic Precipitators With Ferro-Dielectric Electrode Precharger, Y. Kawada


ESPs in Utility Applications I

Precipitation Characteristics of Fly Ash With High Percentage of Aluminium, Zhang Dexuan

Typical Kinds of Coal in China and Some Special Coals With Their Fly Ash Difficult to Precipitate by ESP, Liqian Wang

The Impact on ESP Efficiency and Counter Measures When Low Sulfur Coal Begin To Be Used in Coal-Fired Boilers, Weixue Wang, Yabin Jiang, Dahong Yang, Qiang Wang, Xiaohua Zhu, Zhenyu Wang

Improvements in Predicting the Effects of Sulfur Trioxide Vapor on Fly Ash Resistivity, Joseph D. McCain, Kenneth M. Cushing, Ralph F. Altman

Flue Gas Conditioning for Enhancing the Performance of Older ESPs to Provide Fuel Flexibility, Michael Durham, Ph.D., C. Jean Bustard, Richard SchIager, and Ken Baldrey,


ESPs in Utility Applications II

Pilot-Scale Evaluation ofPositive Polarity far Hot-Side Electrostatic Precipitators, Wallis A. Harrison, Kenneth M. Cushing, Ralph F. Altman

Electrical Re-Entrainment ofParticles Deposited on Collecting Plate in Electrostatic Precipitator, Yoshihiko Mochizuki

Development and Demonstration ofROPE -A New Pulse Energization System far Electrostatic Precipitators, Mark S. Berry, Wallis A. Harrison, Duane H. Pontius, and W. Ray Cravey, (Manuscript not available far proceedings.)

An Investigation Into the Use of Electrode Mass Measurement To Optimise an Electrostatic Precipitator Unit, Shaun Pershad