9th Conference: South Africa, 2004




  1. Efficiency of the precipitation of fine particles influenced by the ESP supply mode, Ivancsy Tamas, Kiss Istvan, Suda Jeno, Berta Istvan


  1. Enhanced corona discharge using innovative rigid discharge electrodes (RDE), Gusti Mischkulnig, Porfirio Bento


  1. Improvement of fine particles collection efficiency in large puylverized coal power plants. ESP retrofitting to hybrid collectors, L. Cañadas, B. Navarrete, M. Lupion, L. Salvador


  1. The influence of the discharge electrode shape on the efficiency of the electrostatic precipitator, Maria Jedrusik, Arkadiusz Swierczok


  1. Turbulence studies of negative corona ESP, Poul S. Larsen, Jens D. Poulsen, Jesper M. Pedersen, Knud E. Meyerm Thorvald Ullum, Niels F. Nielsen, Leif Lind


  1. Precipitation of fine particles considering uncertain dust properties, Istvan Kiss, Tamas Ivancsy, Istvan Berta


  1. Static and dynamic back-corona characteristics, Gianluca Bacchiega, Ivo Gallimberti, Veroniique Arrondel, Philippe Reizer, Jerome Lecointre, Michel Hamill, Philippe Prud-homme


  1. Study on discharging particles of the magnet enhancement corona discharges, Dexuan Xu, Shanshan Lin, Yujia Wang, Zhiming Guo, Weili Ge


  1. Trials and tribulations of an ESP system engineer – Back to basics at Matimba, Eddie Viviers, Rod Hansen


  1. Acoustic horn made electrostatic precipitator collecting plate and hopper clean in ZhangJiakou power plant, Wan Ronghui, Han Ke, Tan Ruitian


  1. Electrostatic precipitator enhancement by online monitoring of collecting electrode mass, Shaun Pershad


12.  Precipitator emission management – The wider prespective, D. Strydon, E Viviers, R.S. Hansen


  1. Centralized control and monitoring of multiple ESPs in a power station, K.P.Manimala, Someshwar T. Gaikwad, Gowri Shankar Naik, T. Nagarajan


  1. Performance enhancements achieved with high frequency switch mode power supplies, Helmut Herder


  1. The development of an algorithm for the dynamic adjustment of pulse repetition frequency for minimising back corona in electrostatic precipitators, John M. Leach


16.  ORCHIDEE: Efficiency optimisation of coal ash collection in electrostatic precipitators, Veronique Arrondel, Jean Salvi, Ivo Gallimberti, Gianluca Bacchiega


17.  Improvements of an European type electrostatic precipitator with Chinese design experiences, Huang Mei


18.  Practical experience and results of ESP operation collecting high resistivity fly ash with high dust load, Abduazim A. Rustambayev, Alexander Koptev, Kjell Porle


19.  On the efficiency upgrading retrofit of old fly ash precipitators in China, Guoxin Lin


20.  How to eliminate ESP insulator thermal break down and insulating aging, Long Tao, Xu Jian, Zhou Baoshan


ESP Applications


  1. Retrofit of SCR-systems – Formation mechanisms of SO3 aerosols and implications on the flue gas cleaning system, Michael Frank, Heinz Gutberiet


  1. Experiences of wet type electrostatic precipitator successfully applied for SO3 mist removal in boilers using high sulfur content fuel, Hidekatsu Fujishima, Chikayuki Nagata


3.      Electrostatically augmented granular gas filters: a solution in search of a problem?, Gerrit Kornelius


  1. On the choice of ESP design for a multitude of world low sulphur coals, Kjell Porle, Kaisuke Ishida


  1. Investigations on fly ash resistivity of varieties of coals used in Indian power plants, A. Chandra, S. Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar


  1. Retrofitting pollution control equipment in Indian power plants and other industries to meet present more stringent norms, D. Visuvasam, S. Sekar, K. Mariraj Anand


  1. Application of WP type electrostatic precipitator for sinter band, Huang Sanming, Wang Junfeng, Xu Hanyu, Yang Laiyi


  1. Condition for electrostatic precipitators after biomass fired boilers, Lena Lillieblad, Michael Strand, Kjell Porle


  1. Design and fea of a linear electrostatic motor, Mehdi Modabberifar, Yousef Hojjat



Cold plasma and other technologies


1.      All solid state pulser design for a pulsed corona flue gas pollution mitigation system, P.H.Swart, R. Uys


2.      Latest development of the plasma enhanced electrostatic precipitator for mercury removal in coal fired boiler flue gas, John L. Montgomery, Daniel L. Battleson, Clarence G. Whitworth, Isaac Ray, Wayne Buckley, James Reynolds, Ralph Altman


3.      From electrostatic precipitation to corona plasma system for exhaust gas cleaning, K. Yan, E.J.M. van Heesch, A.J.M. Pemen, S.A. Nair, G.J.L. Winands


4.      Results of the Indigo agglomerator testing at Watson power station, Wallis Harrison, Rodney Truce, Robert Crynack


New ESP Technologies


1.      On experiences of the application of high frequency power converters for ESP energization, Per Ranstad, Christer Mauritzson, Russel F. Ridgeway


2.      New ideas of electrostatics precipitator power control, Weixue Wang


3.      Study on spraying corona discharge technology with grounding discharge electrodes for purifying flie-gas, Dexuan Xu


4.      Study on magnetic seal technology of ash unloading device with impeller of ESP, Yuan Yongtao, Qi Liqian, Yang Qian, Ji Yuanxun