Dr. Alain Bill

Business Position: Vice President Sales & Buss. Dev.
Year of Birth: 1968
Years in Industry: 25
Nationality: Swiss / Venezuelan
Phone: +41 79 765 48 11
Email: alain.bill@andritz.com


Alain has been working in various roles in air pollution control since the beginning of professional career. After completing his Chemical Engineering studies (1994) with a PhD in heterogeneous catalysis (1997) at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, Alain joined ABB Corporate Laboratories in Baden-Dättwil (Switzerland). As young research engineer, Alain work on different techniques, including dielectric barrier discharge, to tranform carbon dioxide into valuable products (methanol, …).

Once graduated (2002) from the W. E. Simon Graduate Scholl of Business Administration at the University of Rochester (NY, USA), Alain took the responsibilities of the marketing activities for the EMEA region with Alstom Power Environmental Control Systems (ECS) segment. After some years (2006), he took again a more technical role by leading the R&D program and its execution for the Air Quality Control Systems business of Alstom Power Services. He led the global team of research engineers in the US, India and Sweden, including the power laboratory in Växjö. The subsequent role of Global AQCS Product Manager (2011) enabled him to launch the 4th generation of the Switched Integrated Rectifier (SIR) to energize the ESP.

Alain also gained operational experience by leading (2014-2017) the local service centers in the Northern part of Latin America. With the GE acquisition (2017), Alain took again the role of Global AQCS Product Manager, covering all technologies from dedusting, DeSOx, DeNOx and other techniques to abate emissions from industrial installations.

In 2022, Alain joined the ANDRITZ Group1) where he leads the Global Sales and Business Development activities for the Air Pollution Control  division.