All Board Members of the ISESP act as regional ambassadors of the ISESP, i.e. they are well connected and positioned in their respective area of research, commercial application or engineering/OEM. Each of them have their specific background in the industry or university and a long standing experience and reputation. They are the persons to go to if you like to find out about recent developments, conferences and market insights. Check out their CV to find the right person to talk to.

Chief Officers

Mr. Michael J. Frank Germany
Prof. Dr. Herek Clack USA
Vice President
Dr. Mark S. Berry USA
Secretary & Treasurer


Mr. Chikayuki Nagata Japan
Mr. Mark Field UK
Mr. Pradip V Gurnani India
Prof. Keping Yan China
Dr. S Sekar India
Dr. Per Ranstad Sweden
Mr. Karsten Poulsen Denmark
Dr. Gianluca Bacchiega Italy
Prof. Akinori Zukeran Japan
Prof. Jerzy Mizeraczyk Poland
Mr. Jose Sanchez USA
Prof. Istvan Kiss Hungary
Dr. Alain Bill Switzerland