Dr. S Sekar

Business Position: Retired Executive Director(Corporate
R&D division)
Company: Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, India
Year of Birth: 22nd Oct 1954
Years in Industry: 37
Nationality: Indian
Phone: 8886144441
Email: ssekar.in@gmail.com


Sekar completed his graduation in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Madras, Chennai in 1976 and joined the public sector power company Bharat Heavy Electricals ltd, India in the year 1977. He was sponsored for research in the field of Electrostatic precipitation at the Institute of High Voltage Research at Uppsala University, Sweden in the year 1978. He completed his Doctorate in Engineering with HIgh Voltage Research in the year 1981. His thesis is on the subject of electrical energization of electrostatic precipitators.

On his return to India in 1982, he resumed his carrier in various capacities in Engineering and Research in Electrostatic Precipitators in BHEL. He was in charge of Engineering and R&D at the Boiler Auxiliaries Plant, BHEL, Ranipet, India producing ESP for power plants and industries, Fabric filters, FD and ID fans, Air pre-heaters and Flue gas de-sulphurisaion systems till Feb 2012 and subsequently till Oct 2014 he was in charge of Corporate R&D division of BHEL, the unit responsible for R&D support for all products of BHEL including Boilers, Turbines, Motors and Generators, Transformers, HV switching gears etc.

His was instrumental in establishing research and development facilities like current distribution testing in ESP, corona characteristics, spark erosion and flow model studies in ESP at BHEL, Ranipet plant. He has established facilities for ESP controls at the plant and as in charge of design, development and filed services of ESP, he has contributed to development of intermittent energisation of ESPs, pulse energisation, wider pitch precipitator and taller ESP designs.

His team has participated in various ICESP and contributed technical papers on ESP in the area of controls, wide pitch ESP systems and flow modelling.

On his retirement from BHEL, he served as part time Professor in Electrical Engineering at Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science wherein he was teaching and guiding research students in Electrical Engineering in the area of power converters and ESP supplies.

Dr Sekar was technical head of the ICESP at Bangalore, India during 2013 which well participated by ESP specialists from across the globe.

He is a fellow of ISESP and recipient of the ISESP Frederick G Cottrell Award in 2021.