Mr. Jose Sanchez

Business Position: Principal Technical Leader
Company: EPRI
Years in Industry: 25
Nationality: USA
Phone: 650-855-2143


Jose Sanchez is a Chemical Engineer with 23+ years of professional experience in the Combustion, Performance, and Environmental Controls Research Group at EPRI. During his tenure, Jose has worked under various roles. In early years, Jose worked as a Data Analyst and Project Engineer supporting studies for Combustion and NOx control. Jose also worked extensively with Computational Fluid Dynamics model development and analysis on various parts of the combustion process train.

In later years, Jose supported efforts as Project Manager for numerous R&D projects encompassing solutions for fossil-fired electrical generating units with respect to pulverized coal flow distribution, coal preparation, pulverization, and two-phase flow. In 2011, Jose brought the two-phase flow expertise to the particulate matter control area with a focus on Electrostatic Precipitator Performance. More recently Jose has also engaged in studies with wet flue gas desulfurization systems.

With the onset of additional computational power and algorithm breakthroughs, Jose has also focused on the application of artificial intelligence tools to enhance and troubleshoot the complex interactions affecting the combustion and environmental control systems mentioned earlier, including ESPs.

He achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from California State University at San Jose (SJSU). In addition to serving in the International Society for Electrostatic Precipitation Board of Directors, Jose is also a member of AIChE, ASME and ACS.