Mr. Michael J. Frank

Business Position: Independent Coach & Consultant
Company: Michael Frank Coaching & Consulting
Year of Birth: 1965
Years in Industry: 34
Nationality: German
Phone: +49 175 7245362


Michael has acquired a great deal of experience in managing Engineering, Operational and Service businesses in challenging times of change; from M&A activities, restructuring and closing of operations to business process optimization/transformation and development of new business models.

He started his working life in Air Pollution Control technologies for some well reputed OEM companies like Walther & Cie AG, Lurgi Lentjes Bischoff and Rothemühle. These activities were ranging from commissioning, design, sales to contract execution mainly and have earned him a position in the Board of the International Society of Electrostatic Precipitation, which hosts the main and relevant competences in this field worldwide. Just recently Michael was elected to serve as the next President of the Society and to lead its transition into the broader fields of application of electrostatics and power electronics.
With joining the power utility company E.ON in 2003, his insight into the power generation business has been expanded and now also covers the full spectrum of process optimization, operational support and engineering support activities for the energy sector. Rounding off that service provider experience, he joined the operational side of business as Manager of the Power Plant Group West 1, comprising 6 hard-
coal fired units with a total installed capacity of approx. 2.200 MW and several industrial steam generators and district heating units.

After the spin-off of Uniper from E.ON, Michael moved to the UK based part of the Engineering business area of Uniper as the Managing Director for Uniper Technologies Limited and Director Asset Services of Uniper. With his return to Germany, Michael took the role of CEO of Uniper Anlagenservice GmbH, the Maintenance and Project Company of Uniper. There, his focus next to a substantial restructuring of the
company, was on driving the development of integrated business models for strategic maintenance services, connecting traditional skillsets in maintenance for energy systems with state-of-the-art IT- solutions and Big Data technologies.

In April 2020, Michael was appointed Director Sales & Product Development for the Uniper Engineering Group, developing and combining Uniper’s technical and commercial expertise into innovative solutions for decarbonizing its customers’ energy needs.

Recognizing the need to massively accelerate energy transition, Uniper took the strategic decision end of 2021 to exit the stand-alone engineering service business and to focus resources on the transformation of Unipers’ own and customers’ assets to climate-neutral generation with innovative solutions addressing the increasing complexity of our energy world. With that decision, Michael was appointed with a leading role in this internal transformation as SVP Engineering of Uniper.

With finalizing the transition project in Uniper, Michael decided to leave the corporate path and fully enjoy his passions: to share his experience in people leadership and technology under the umbrella of his own business as independent Coach and Consultant.

Until recently, Michael has held a mandate in the Executive Board of vgbe energy e.V., the German Association of Power Plant Operators and is a lecturer at the KWS PowerTech Training Centre on APC Technologies. He has also held a Board mandate of the VAIS (Verband für Anlagentechnik und
Industrieservice), the Association of Industrial Technology and Service Providers for several years. Michael is also a well-received speaker at various conferences in the energy sector, delivering key-note speeches and lectures on various aspects of the energy sector.