ICESP XIV – Wroclaw, Poland, 2016

The International Conference on Electrostatic Precipitation (ICESP) is the official conference of the International Society for Electrostatic Precipitation (ISESP). The following is a list of papers from the XIV ICESP Conference under their respective topic. Click on the papers title to view the complete paper in PDF format.

session 1: Fundamentals I
session 2: HV power supplies I
session 3: Hybrid ESPs and fabric filters
session 4: Fundamentals II
session 5: Wet ESPs
session 6: Coal, biomass and fly ash
session 7: Submicron particle collection and mercury separation
session 8: Submicron particle collection and separation
session 9: ESP related means of air pollution control
session 10:Numerical
modelling and computer simulation
session 11:HV power supplies II