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Electrostatic Precipitators for Industrial Applications
Kjell Porle
Steve L. Francis
Keith M.Bradburn
Guide Book
The Art of Electrostatic Precipitation Jacob Katz Precipitator Technology, Inc., Munhall, Pennsylvania, 1979. Contact TRK Engineering 978-287-0550
EPRI Electrostatic Precipitator Maintenance Guide Two Volume Set TRK Engineering Service Inc. EPRI Order and Conference Center 1355 Willow Way Suite 278 Concord, CA 94520-5728 Phone (800) 313-3774 press 2
Applied Electrostatic Precipitation K. R. Parker Chapman & Hall, London, England, 1997.
Electrostatic Precipitator Handbook D. A. Lloyd Adam Hilger, Bristol and Philadelphia, Bristol, England, 1988.
EPA Manual- Operation and Maintenance Manual for Electrostatic Precipitators U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA document: EPA/625/1-85-017 September 1985
ESP Controls & Electrical Systems Troubleshooting Guide NWL For a free copy call NWL 800-742-5695 Bordentown, NJ
Industrial Electrostatic Precipitation Harry J. White Out of print. Contact the International Society of Electrostatic Precipitation (ISESP).
Particulate Control Training Manual ESPCO International Reinhold Environmental Ltd. Phone 847-291-7396

Clear Stacks Reinhold Environmental Ltd. 853 Sanders Road #308 Northbrook, IL 60062 Telephone: 847-291-7396
Precip Newsletter Published Monthly The McIlvaine Company 2970 Maria Avenue Northbrook, IL 60062 USA Telephone: 847-272-00102

Electrostatic Precipitator V-I (ESPVI 4.0) and Performance Prediction Model (on diskette) National Technical Information Service Technology Adminstration U.S. Department of Commerce Springfield, VA 22161 Telephone: 703-605-6000 Fax: 703-605-6900
WinESP Precipitator modeling for Windows™ by Southern Research Institute Southern Research Institute P.O. Box 55305 Birmingham, AL 35255 Contact: Joe McCain @ 205-581-2278
Basic Boiler Operation Video: An Operator's Guide to Boiler Safety and Efficiency is a 43 minute program that can show you how to: * Use boiler gauges and controls * Check boiler safety equipment * Prepare a boiler for inspection * Use the boiler log to identify operating problems Publication Orders Extension & Station Communications OSU 422 Kerr Administration Corvallis, OR 97331-2119 Telephone: 800-561-6719 email at

Air Waste Management P.O. Box 2861 Pittsburgh, PA 15230 Air & Waste Management Association Telephone: 412-232-3444
Pollution Engineering (Cahners Publishing Co.) 8773 south Ridgeline Boulevard Highlands Ranch, CO 80126-2329 Telephone: 847-390-2697 Fax: 847-390-2636 Web site: www.pollutioneng.com2
Pollution Equipment News Rimbach Publishing 8650 Babcock Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA 15237-5821 Web site:
Powder and Bulk Engineering (CSC Publishing, Inc.) 130 East 66th Street Minneapolis, MN 55423 Telephone: 612-866-2242 Fax: 612-866-19392
Power Magazine 11 West 19th Street New York, NY 10111 Telephone: 314-776-7084 Fax: 212-627-3811
PPower Engineering 1421 South Sheridan Road Tulsa, OK 74112 Telephone: 918-835-3161 Fax: 918-831-9834 Web site:
Rock Products 29 N. Wacker Drive Chicago, IL 60606 Telephone:
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